"Lynn's rich practice translates into a well sequenced, energizing class. She uses her knowledge of the energy flow of each pose to build heat in the body so that upon completion of her class you feel all connected up again. Lynn's knowledge shines through her well placed comments and adjustments. Truly fine instructor and her students recognize this by coming in droves."
- Erica

"Lynn was my first yoga teacher and I could have not asked for a better entry point for my journey. Lynn inspired me to practice and teach yoga. What an amazing journey I have been on, it all began with Lynn's inspiration, knowledge and presences. With deep love and gratitude," Vande Gurunam Caranaravinde, I extend reverence and humility to the lotus feet (light of the lotus) my teacher. Thank you for shining light on me just as the lotus opens to its beauty when sunlight touches it."
- Tracy

"I love Lynn's classes. No two classes are the same, which provides tremendous diversity and ongoing challenges for regulars. I also appreciate the variety of levels Lynn can teach in one class. I can bring friends who have never taken yoga or friends who practice yoga every day and all of us can enjoy Lynn's class. It is difficult to find modifications for such a broad range of levels, but Lynn manages to find poses for everyone(and convert quite a few non-yoga believers in the process!). My Friday evenings are less complete without Lynn's class..."
- Tristen

"I've been attending Lynn's classes for a little over a year now, and from the first day I knew I would enjoy her style of teaching. She brings a lot of positive energy to the class, and it brings a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere to the room. I really enjoy Lynn's class and teaching style - she's hands-on when she needs to be, but doesn't force you down a fixed path, allowing you to explore the poses and see how they fit with your body."
- Clifton

"I was very impressed with Lynn since the first day I met her. Unlike other teachers, she actually came over to ask me whether I have any injuries and this speaks volumes about the concern that she has for her students' wellness. The changes I feel and see are amazing. I get a sense of her knowledge of the body mechanics, how it pertains to the whole body, and how to alleviate the stress. Lynn's instruction is very clear and easy to follow. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, she challenges all levels with her well-versed and well-thought out instructions. Lynn is an amazing teacher who has can motivate and train individuals of all skill levels."
- Annie

"I started to practice yoga with Lynn in 1999/2000. She was my first yoga teacher... I was so impressed with her passion and style! She was so encouraging.....always educating those who practiced with her over and beyond a regular 1 hour classroom environment. After she moved on to California there was no comparing other instructors. Any of you that are fortunate to have Lynn assist you, are given such a great gift in having her!"
- Marlo

"Unlike other instructors I've had, Lynn explains the benefits of the poses and what body parts are affected which gives you a better understanding of yoga. Along with the explanation, she demonstrates the variations for a pose so all her students can reap the benefits. Besides helping her students develop an appreciation for yoga, Lynn truly knows how to connect with her students and genuinely cares about them."
- Erica

"You are wonderful instructor. You took so much of personal care to each of your student's needs. When I was suffering from my backache, I felt you had the magic power to heal any pain and discomfort in my body."
- Juri

"I started doing Yoga with for the past one and half year. Lynn helps to get into pose and she instructs how to maintain the balance. She will be there to help you and guide you if you feel any inconsistency while doing the Yoga pose. I felt Lynn as a friend rather than a yoga instructor. She is very co-operative, friendly, and punctual. I am referring Lynn to my friends as she is the best yoga instructor that I ever seen."
- Sirisha

"Lynn is a very good instructor. It is my pleasure to learn from a teacher like her. Not only does she teach yoga, she gives us many health tips which would help us in our daily life. She knows what's our comfort level and accordingly teaches the Asana. It is our fortune to have such a wonderful teacher."
- Bagyalakshmi